Our program welcomes the burst of excitement and energy that comes with the natural growth and development of being a toddler. We will redirect that energy into positive learning experiences, giving them plenty of room to move and explore.

From this level children will be introduced to a class routine that is both flexible and adjustable to meet their needs. This routine schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing at the same time offers predictability and a feeling of security among the toddlers. During this time students will also be introduced to colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.

As the months go by, and developmental skills grow, the children will be encouraged to play cooperatively with their classmates while teachers continuously praise and model correct behavior. Students are given daily opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate toys and projects. They are also encouraged to try and use their words to express their needs and wants.

Daily sheets are sent home to parents informing them of when their child was changed throughout the day, what they ate, how they slept, and any new behavior changes or developments.